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CPC Deacons

Deacons are the backbone of congregational care at CPC. Around 15 active deacons usually serve a three year term, working to care for a variety of needs throughout the congregation, including support during health challenges, help with meals, grief support, prayer, transportation, and whatever life challenges are faced. Deacons work in concert with the pastoral team at CPC

March Deacon on Call:
Cynthia Reynolds

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Class of 2022

Current Deacons serving the needs of the CPC Congregation

  • Megan Allen 
  • Jan Anderson
  • Kristen Barge 
  • Mary Braucht 
  • Jane Considine 
  • Sarah Glomski 
  • John Heaton 
  • Nick Hughes 
  • Susan Kelly 
  • Sara Lubbers 
  • Phil Parillo
  • Jessica Reed 
  • Cynthia Reynolds 
  • Savannah Stehn 
  • Rob Striker 
  • Ann-Louise Tetreault 
  • Jerry VanKirk