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CPC Refugee Resettlement

Continuing our commitment to extend God’s love, welcome, and hospitality to strangers, CPC recently launched a new ministry initiative in partnership with Jewish Social Services and Open Doors for Refugees to support the resettlement of refugee families in the Madison area. On September 1st, 2022 we welcomed a refugee family of 10 from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Care and Support

Families have been through a lot by the time they arrive as refugees in the USA — fleeing their home countries from life threatening circumstances, often 2+ years of UN and US background checks, displacement, temporary housing, and eventual transition to a completely new country, culture and language context.

Through this new ministry, our dedicated volunteers provide loving care and support to the family as they adjust to life in our community. Various volunteer teams assist the refugee families with basic needs (housing, clothing and food), community integration (assistance accessing services like food pantries, bus transit and ESL programs) and ongoing mentorship.

To volunteer with this ministry click below.

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