Ukraine War Statement

A Statement in Response to War in Ukraine

AP Photo / Emilio MorenattiChrist Presbyterian Church, Madison, Wisconsin
Monday, February 28, 2022

We, the Session of Christ Presbyterian Church, Madison, Wisconsin unequivocally condemn Russia’s unprovoked and deadly attack on its neighbor Ukraine. Following scripture’s admonition to “seek peace and pursue it,” we call for an end to the violence and a return of all troops to their respective homelands. (1 Peter 3.11)

  • We urge compassion and active support for the Ukrainian people, both inside war-torn Ukraine and in refugee settlements. 
  • We oppose authoritarianism, war, and political and economic oppression, and we commit to learning more about these evils in our effort to guard against them at home and abroad. 
  • We ask the international community to collectively elevate the values of Peace and Love and work collaboratively to advance them. 
  • We join with Pope Francis in his call for a Global Day of Prayer and Fasting on Ash Wednesday, March 2.  

 In response, the Session:

  • Approved sending mission-designated funds to the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Lviv (western), Ukraine. This week, the congregation converted their Sunday School classrooms into food pantries and emergency shelters to care for refugees.
  • Encourages the congregation to join the Session in contributing to support the work of this sister church through the PC(USA) Outreach Foundation. Learn more and give here.  
  • Invites the congregation to join in prayer and fasting tomorrow (Wednesday March 2) and we will refrain from providing our typical soup supper following the Ash Wednesday service.