John Rafoth

John studied Music and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School and was chair of the Music Department and Instructor of Instrumental Music and Music Theory at Madison West High School for 35 years. At the same time he was employed by Madison’s Immanuel Lutheran Church as Minister of Music, a position offered shortly after completing undergraduate studies at Lawrence University, and the Lawrence Conservatory of Music. 

While at the Immanuel Lutheran he was approached by the Reverend J. Alfred Fryer, Associate Pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church, and Whitt Hoff, Session Officer, who were looking for an organist to fill the long term vacant Christ Church position. Turned down at first, the position was offered a second time months later and in June of 1965 John accepted the staff position described in the Tidings publication as the newly appointed permanent organist”, and that was June 15th, 1965. He has since served this congregation for more than 50 years while working beside a changing staff which includes seven Senior Pastors, eight Interim Pastors, 10 Choir Directors, numerous Associate Pastors, support staff and church members.