Contemporary Service – 9:00AM Sunday

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Christ Presbyterian Church will be offering a livestream worship option for those that are unable to join us in-person.

Worship with us live every Sunday via our YouTube Channel!

Christ Presbyterian Church YouTube Channel

What Worship Looks Like …

Each week we gather in the Spirit, through Christ, for the glory of God. Here, you will sing songs led by our contemporary worship band that represent the breadth of God’s love and grace. Here, you will hear scripture and a sermon. Here, you will have moments of upbeat praise and moments of quiet reflection and prayer. You may also see an interesting skit or a thought-provoking video or image. You may be invited to light candles or share a God sighting from the past week or talk to the person next to you. This is a place to engage as a community of Christ – a place to experience God’s grace – a place to belong.

Vision and Values …

A lot of time and prayer went into shaping our Contemporary Worship (and still does!). Here are the core values of Contemporary Worship and what we strive to accomplish each Sunday for the glory of God:

Untraditionally Liturgical
Embodied Story

Our First Impressions Team is here to welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

The Worship Band connection!

Our Worship Design Team encourages and lifts up the creative arts in Contemporary Worship.

The Tech Team keeps things running smoothly and sounding good!

Every first Sunday of the month, our fellowship continues with a special Social Time after worship.